The first concrete beams were installed on site in Zwijnaarde. The next step is to install the translucent ceiling panels.

De kroon

Official opening of the kindergarten in Eernegem. The warehouse is already being used by children from the village this summer, the childcare will be inaugurated from September.

220321 2102 VURSTE FACADE lo

The rough construction of the single family house in Vurste has started.


Finishing the facade and defining colors in Oostende for Duinhelm.

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In addition to the renovation of the neo-gothic hall, construction of the community center in Kanegem has also started

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The construction site in Eernegem is in its last phase, following is the interior and landscape. More info on the project.


The construction of our project in Zwijnaarde has started, a single family house with workshop for an artist couple.


Zin om mee te werken op lopende projecten van diverse schaal? We zijn op zoek naar een (Junior) Architect om ons team te versterken.

Interesse? Stuur je cv en beknopt portfolio naar en we contacteren je voor een kennismakend gesprek.

Kanegem sloop

The renovation of the neo-gothic hall in Kanegem starts with a punctual demolition of some lower-quality additions.


Some first details in Duinhelm are taking shape, a picture from the construction site.

17 010 Kanegem Beeld 2 s

The construction in Kanegem has started. The project is strongly interwoven with the village and includes the renovation of a neo-gothic hall and a new community center. Between the old and the new, space is created for a new public park. In collaboration with Robuust ao (structural and technical engineering) and Atelier Arne Deruyter (landscape design).

RW GIJS 0183

Stillemans has won the Stadsprijs Sint-Niklaas, therefore the project will be open to visitors on Sunday 25 September between 1 and 6 pm.

Nieuwkerken 1

Work in progress, the renovation of a neoclassical house in Nieuwkerken. The first phase includes the restoration and furnishing of two chambers into a law firm.

Vacature 3

We zijn op zoek naar een Junior Architect om mee te werken op lopende projecten en wedstrijden.

Interesse? Stuur je cv en portfolio naar


The first phase of Duinhelm is taking shape! The rough construction is already finished and the wooden facade and roofs are under development.

Schermafbeelding 2022 06 08 om 16 08 43

Stillemans was featured in De Standaard Magazine, more info on the project is available here.


RAAMWERK is invited by ACN to speak on our work. Join our lecture on 7 June at 8 pm in LUX, Nijmegen. More info via Architectuurcentrum Nijmegen.

Beeld 2 appartement

Together with Architectenbureau Bart Dehaene and MAARCH we have completed the masterplan for 2 residential sites in Wevelgem. The project is the result of the invited competition Open Oproep 3605 from which we are now developing the first phase.

20 004 ZWIJNAARDE 210525 BEELD 3

We received the building permit for Zwijnaarde, a house with a studio for an artist couple in Ghent.

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The construction site in Eernegem has started. The project includes a kindergarten and spaces for youth activities. The intervention is based on three basic principles: the oversize of the existing warehouse, the addition of a compact new building and the generous steel structure as a buffer towards the green playing area.

BEELD 1 overzicht FINAL herwerkt DEF f

RAAMWERK in collaboration with NU architectuuratelier, plusoffice, Plant en Houtgoed, ELD and Ingenium has won the Open Oproep 4101 for a new care neighborhood and the construction of a community care home, a residential care centre and a group care home in Kessel. Conceived as a well-considered linking of four building sections, the volumes form an ensemble around a forecourt; a village balcony to the landscape. More info soon.

IMG 0327

The construction site for Duinhelm vzw Oostende has started officially today. The first phase of the project consists of two houses for 20 people with disabilities and a community space, anchored in the small-scale fabric of Stene.

RW HALE 0016 lowres

Halewijnkouter is a Nominee for the 2022 Building of the Year Awards. Voting is possible until February 9th via this link.


Door een groeiende portfolio zijn we op zoek naar een gemotiveerde projectarchitect. Als jong ontwerpbureau werken we aan een brede waaier van projecten die telkens vanuit eenzelfde hoge ambitiegraad worden benaderd. Door middel van een doorgedreven architecturaal proces trachten we tot empathische en genereuze ruimtes te komen.

Als projectarchitect maak je deel uit van een enthousiast en gedreven team, waar je verantwoordelijkheid krijgt en mee kan groeien met ons bureau. Hier tegenover staat een correcte verloning en een aangename werkplek in centrum Gent.

Affiniteit met bouwen en minimaal 2 jaar relevante ervaring zijn vereist. Interesse? Stuur je cv en portfolio naar en we nodigen je graag uit voor een gesprek in ons kantoor te Gent.

IMG 3958

The construction of the first phase of our project Duinhelm has started. You can find more info on the project here.


We have moved to a new office, our current address is Bagattenstraat 173, Gent.

D HR lores 2

In collaboration with Architectenbureau Bart Dehaene we have won the competition for the reconversion of 9 residential buildings and infrastructure in de Hoge Rielen, Kasterlee. With Jan Minne Gardenist, Tatjana Gerhard, Studiebureau Jonckheere, Studiebureay Forte and DUSS Explorers.


We are proud to announce that the book "Raamwerk In Practice, Lichtervelde Youth Centre" is one of the prize winners of the DAM Book Award 2021. More info on the website of DAM and Architecture In Practice


We willen ons team uitbreiden met een Nederlandstalig projectarchitect(e), om mee te werken aan projecten van diverse schaal. Affiniteit met bouwen en 3 jaar relevante ervaring zijn vereist. Interesse? Stuur je cv/portfolio naar en we nodigen je uit voor een gesprek.


We are proud to be among the 20 nominated projects for Architectuur Prijs Gent with our project Halewijnkouter.

RW GIJS 0183

The garden for Stillemans is finished, find more info on the project here.


Sint-Amands - work in progress, finishing the last interior details before the gardening will be started.

RW CARW 0129 2000px

We are very honored that our project Carwash was named winner of the Belgian Building Award 2021 in the categorie 3-2-1 Facade!

Schets waterkluis

The construction of Waterkluiskaai has started today. A triangular structure will be built in between the existing walls of a compact city garden.

RW CARW 0173 2000px

Carwash is nominated for the Belgian Building Awards 2021 in the categorie 3I2I1 Facade Award, the winner will be announced on May 25.

IMG 0660

A first impression of the refurbishment of an art-deco house in Sint-Niklaas. More info and photos soon!

Carwash 210215 Bas 21

Carwash was broadcast on 'avs wonen', you can find the reportage here.

20200302 VAI Bovenbouw Venice1967 s

We are proud to be part of Composite Presence, the Belgian contribution to the Biennale Architettura 2021 in Venice. The exhibition, curated by Bovenbouw Architectuur, shows a model landscape representing the friction between city and architecture in Flanders. Production: Flanders Architecture Institute.

Youth Center ‘De Lichting’ and Care and Support Center 'Majin Huis' in Composite Presence, © Bovenbouw Architectuur, © We Document Art

S Int Amands 2 copy

The renovation and extension of a manor house in Sint-Amands, work in progress. A new music room and workshop will be added to the existing structure, behaving as a recessed garden wall.

Peter benoit

Finishing the last details on Peter Benoit before the project can be inhabited again, more info soon.

Drongen Bungalow 2 4

Bungalow is nearing completion. More information on the project can be found here.


The book "Raamwerk In Practice : Lichtervelde Youth House" is available for online purchase, and over a couple of weeks in all the good bookshops. You can buy your copy via the website of MER. B&L


Halewijnkouter is nearing completion. A new volume is integrated into an existing warehouse, acting as a second skin for the house. The facade works as a palimpsest, blending old and new.

Whats App Image 2020 10 08 at 10 28 51

We are proud to announce the book 'Raamwerk In Practice' on the design process behind Lichtervelde Youth Center. Texts by Bart Decroos, Harold Fallon, Benoît Vandenbulcke, Benoît Burquel, Gijs De Cock and Freek Dendooven. Photos by Stijn Bollaert. Design by Überknackig.

The booklaunch will take place on October 22nd, 6pm followed by a double lecture by Agwa and Office KGDVS. More information on civa. Free entry - registration

Eernegem isos henri

We willen ons team versterken met een Nederlandstalig projectarchitect(e), om mee te werken aan projecten van diverse schaal. Minimaal 2 jaar relevante ervaring vereist. Stuur bij interesse je cv/portfolio naar


We will speak on our work within the framework of 100 Day Studio by The Architecture Foundation. Join our lecture via Zoom at Tuesday 25th of August, 5.30pm (UK time).


Project carwash is nearing completion.

Duinhelm isolandschap

We received the building permit for Duinhelm, Oostende.


Lichtervelde is published in A+ 282 Village

IMG 7128

Rough construction for 'Weegbreestraat' is almost completed.

Screen Shot 2019 08 05 at 17 15 14 width 1500

RAAMWERK contributed on the work of Tony Fretton for the exposition and publication 'Alternative Histories'. Curated by Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld in collaboration with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation, London.

Beeld sint amands

We received the building permit Sint-Amands, the addition of a garden room and refurbishment of the existing structure.

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The rough construction for 'Hugo Verriest' is finished.


RAAMWERK will be workshop leaders in Porto Academy'19


RAAMWERK is laureate for the competition OO1803- Jeugdcentrum Eernegem icw Robuust ao and Atelier Arne Deruyter.

Cover Architect juni18

RAAMWERK is featured as Start-up in De Architect.

In practice 190506 RW DK lr blog

RAAMWERK will participate in a double lecture with Dyvik Kahlen in Brussel on the 6th of May.


RAAMWERK neemt deel aan de ACROSS tentoonstelling, samen met GRUE, LRArchitectes, Bernard Dubois, CENTRAL, Laura Muyldermans, Atelier Vens Vanbelle en MADAM Architectuur. Vanaf 29.11.2018 tot 31.01.2019 in BOZAR.

Meer info


RAAMWERK is winner of the Belgian Building Award, category 'Rookie of the Year'


Masterplan for Rosas - Ictus - P.A.R.T.S. Location: Vorst (BE) Year: 2019 Team: Gijs De Cock, Freek Dendooven, Maroš Greš, Louis Lories, Jochen Schamelhout, Helena Sileghem, Alice Sanders icw Sileghem & Partners, Atelier Arne Deruyter, Boydens Engineering en Bureau Defonseca Status: Competition Text


Masterplan for Rosas - Ictus - P.A.R.T.S. Location: Vorst (BE) Year: 2019 Team: Gijs De Cock, Freek Dendooven, Maroš Greš, Louis Lories, Jochen Schamelhout, Helena Sileghem, Alice Sanders icw Sileghem & Partners, Atelier Arne Deruyter, Boydens Engineering en Bureau Defonseca Status: Competition Text
Beeld 2 Beeld 1 Beeld 3

The existing site of Rosas – P.A.R.T.S – ICTUS can be read as a conglomerate of various buildings, each established in a different era, each with different initial functions. The proposal will unravel the site with the aim to create a campus, a city within the city. A new ground level is introduced and works as an urban plateau that connects the site with the city but also interconnects the different buildings. A new underground logistic connection allows to remove some old structures which results in three independent buildings. Each with their clear function, identity and addresses. But above all this urban plateau results in unbuilt space, a generous space in between.

Two almost identical structures are added to the existing buildings. Both are developed within the same functional logic but each deal with the context and program in a different way. The buildings behave like ‘faux jumeaux’ or fake twins on the site.

The unbuilt space becomes a meeting space for the various organizations and visitors on the site. A wide variety of green and open space is created and determines the architecture. A square, an alley, an amphitheater, a park and vegetable garden arise within the built conglomerate.